Dragons! Artist Alison Johnstun Brings the Heat to FanX

Dragons. Alison Johnstun’s Instagram followers see her new dragon art every day. “It’s something I’ve been doing for about a year,” says Johnstun, a fantasy/fan artist based in South Jordan. “Dragons are something I can draw with basically no reference, and they’re not very hard for me. I can just kind of do whatever I want.”

She started sketching dragons as a way to stay active while dealing with chronic fatigue and to make the most of slow hours working at a Home Depot service desk. Yeah. Dragons are way better.

While Johnstun’s surly Instagram dragons showcase her imagination, and take up most of her feed, they pale in comparison to the majestic fantasy artwork she sells at fan conventions. Along with dragons and other mythical creatures, her convention portfolio includes fantasized scenes from anime shows Bleach and The Ancient Magus’ Bride.

“Void Heart,” featuring Ulquiorra from anime show Bleach

Johnstun typically starts a masterpiece with a pencil sketch, before altering it digitally. She has become known for dark scenes with brightly colored figures.

“I’ve just always been interested in drawing creatures, even when I was really little,” says Johnstun, who holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration from BYU.

This week, Johnstun showcases her art in Artist Alley at the 2018 FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention, Sept. 6–8, at the Salt Palace Convention Center.

“Of Oak, Ash, and Thorn,” featuring characters from Ancient Magus’ Bride

At the convention, she’ll debut “Dracostorm,” an art piece featuring one large and many small dragons that was inspired by the Bald Mountain scene in Fantasia. She’ll also sell tabletop-gaming mats depicting her work, along with a limited edition framed version of one of her most popular works, “Of Oak, Ash, and Thorn.”

“Babies Yell A Lot”

If you can’t make it to FanX, you can also see and purchase her art on her website.

And if you want to see her daily dragons, follow her on Instagram.

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