Amy Bennett

Amy Bennett was born a retailer. “I used to play with an adding machine at my grandma’s house like I owned a store,” she says. “I always knew I would own a shop. I was just waiting for the right location.” It took her four years after she decided to leap into the business, but she found her perfect location in the Holladay Village Plaza.

The charming boutique is eclectic and one-of-a-kind in its style and inventory. “We have a little bit of everything. I wanted to make it a one-stop-shop,” Bennett says. “So we carry lots of different things—baby, bath and body, things for the home, clothing, jewelry, shoes and wedding. I’m hoping it appeals to everyone who walks in the door.”

Bennett spends a lot of time at markets seeking out one-of-a-kind items for her shop. “I try very hard to have things other people don’t have,” she says.

But it’s the presentation of her merchandise that sets Amy Boutique apart, “I like to do displays,” Bennett says. I go to markets and I dream up things I want to do and I buy based on that,” she explains. When I get back, I do a fun display. I don’t just stack things on the shelf.”

Q: How does your personality, experience and background influence your business?

“My personality is very eclectic. I have very different tastes that all work together, I like lots of different styles and that helps me as a buyer.”

Q: Where do you look for professional inspiration?

“I love Paris. I love French design. I know in retail that if I buy everything for my taste I’m not going to sell very much, so I buy for other people’s tastes. You have to get to know your customers.”

Q: Biggest challenge?

“Trying to remain unique and finding new things that not everyone has. With the internet you can find anything, so a lot of times I’ll buy things at antique stores because I know other shops won’t have them.”

Q: Best advice?

“Do it when you’re young! I should have done it when I was younger and I had more energy. It’s a lot of work. And hire the right people. It’s so important to hire people you want to work with.”

Q: Dream goal?

“Creating a shop that appeals to everybody. I’m working on online right now. We have social media but people want to know if we can ship.”

Q: What’s new?

“I’ll be hosting Halloween and Christmas open houses. During those, customers get all holiday merchandise at 20 percent off, even new inventory.” More information about the open houses and the upcoming website can be found on Amy Boutique’s Facebook page.

amy boutique |  4670 South 2300 East, Holladay

801.938.9241  |

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