written by: Charissa Che

The Selecter. Rancid. The Dropkick Murphys. Add to this legendary lineup the dusty, middle-of-nowhere environs of The Saltair, and no doubt the night of Saturday, August 12 is going to be downright deafening and anarchistic.

After a whirlwind European tour, the Selecter will continue to promote their upcoming album Daylight by joining the headliners in North America. And while we still have some months to wait before the LP’s October release, critics and fans alike have touted it as their best yet – a tall order to fill, to say the least, seeing as members Pauline Black and Arthur “Gaps” Hendrickson have been at it for 35 years.

The Selecter have been largely credited within the 2-tone music community for keeping the genre alive and burning to this day. And like the band’s previous efforts, Daylight asks its listeners – particularly the odd ones out – to wake up from their collective stupors and speak up. But the impetus has shifted from tangible threads to more nebulous ones like hashtags, likes, and social media, as seen in their first single, “Frontline.”

Whether the Saltair decides to host this show indoors or outdoors will present its own set of interesting results, and if you’ve been to the venue, you’ll know what I mean. In any case, go here to reserve a spot in the impending madness.

Charissa Che
Charissa Che
Charissa Che was born and raised in NYC and has been a journalist for over 12 years in news and arts and entertainment. She is a music contributor for Salt Lake Magazine. Additionally, she holds a Ph.D. candidate in Writing & Rhetoric at the University of Utah. She prides herself on following the best cat accounts on Instagram. Calicos preferred.

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