Angry Korean Opens a New Cottonwood Heights Location

I’ve wanted to try out The Angry Korean, one of the hottest fusion restaurants in Utah, for quite some time. However, the original brick-and-mortar location in South Jordan is a little outside my usual stomping ground. Which is why I was hugely excited about seeing a new location open in the Cottonwood Heights area.

An Impressive Chef Pedigree

Owners Peter Kim worked with David Chang at Momofuku in a past life, and Young-Ho Kang is a well-traveled and respected sushi chef. 

I stopped by on a cold night and ran into some original Tosh’s Ramen vibes. The strip mall location and simple decor were more than made up for by seriously delicious comfort food. 

Angry Korean Utah
Photo by Lydia Martinez

Ordering is strictly via iPad. And if you’re hoping for the whole menu from the original location, you will be disappointed. The Cottonwood Heights location has fewer fusion selections than the original. So you will miss out on the tacos, the quesadillas, and the dirty sodas. No word back on if the menu will eventually expand. 

Korean Bulgogi Beef + Philly Cheesesteak? Yesss

You WILL get the famous Korean cheesesteak, the fried katsu sandwich, and some seriously filling rice bowls. 

The Korean cheesesteak, in my mind, rivals a traditional cheesesteak (which comes from someone who is eaten at Pat’s and Gino’s in Philly). The sweet/savory of the bulgogi beef somehow marries perfectly with American cheese—don’t ask me how. Be sure to get a side of house-made kimchi. Pile it on the sandwich for a little bit of acid and heat to balance out the cheese. It’s a big sandwich, so consider sharing.

Angry Korean Utah
Photo by Lydia Martinez

Carbs on Carbs With Rice AND Noodles

I’m a sucker for katsu, which meant that I was 100% going to dig into the chicken katsu rice bowl. If you’re ordering a rice bowl, spring for the deluxe. It comes with rice, japchae noodles, salad, and veggie dumplings. It is topped with the perfect crispy but still sunny-side-up egg. Pickled cabbage, a house katsu sauce, and creamy avocado aioli ensure a balance of flavor. Heads up! It’s big. You get a whole chicken breast, tons of rice, and plenty of noodles. You will very likely get a couple of meals out of this, unless you decide to share.

If you’re feeling less ambitious, get the regular rice bowl with just salad, rice, and a choice of chicken katsu, beef bulgogi, spicy pork, or grilled tofu. 

Either way, get extra kimchi and add on an order of mandoo—Korea’s version of dumplings. They are served drizzled with a sweet soy sauce and the house spicy mayo. You’ll get six to an order- perfect for sharing.

If you’re looking for their famous junkyard fries or their expanded fusion menu, make a trip down to South Jordan. But swing by the Cottonwood Heights location for a fast, filling, and delicious, not-quite-traditional Korean meal. Enjoy!

Angry Korean Utah
Photo by Lydia Martinez

Visit The Angry Korean in Utah


6945 S 1300 East

  • Monday – closed
  • Tuesday – 12pm-2pm / 6pm-10pm
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  • Thursday – 12pm-2pm / 6pm-10pm
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  • Saturday – 12pm-2pm / 6pm-11pm
  • Sunday – closed


11587 S District Main Dr. #300

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Lydia Martinez
Lydia Martinez
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