One Last Night: Aristo’s Closing Saturday

One of Salt Lake's best restaurants is shuttering on Saturday night. Go now.

Utah has all too few larger than life colorful and talented people who make big waves in this often dull desert landscape. Aristides Boutsikakis is one—his bluster, his frightening frankness, his uncontrollable mouth and often-outrageous opinions made his character as well-known as the personal versions of his family’s Cretan cuisine that came from his kitchen. His beloved father gardened for the restaurant table, his mother turned out the incredible phyllo pastries that are one of the glories of Greek food. Aristo’s heart on his sleeve regarding his family contrasted with the giant chip on his shoulder.

Accordingly, his eponymous restaurant has consistently been one of Salt Lake City’s VERY BEST PLACES TO EAT. (All caps intentional.)

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the Last Big Night

Aristo’s Greek Restaurant
244 S. 1300 East, SLC
(801) 581-0888

Sad news: This Saturday night is the LAST NIGHT you will be able to eat the legendary octopus, lamb tacos, lamb shank garden greens, mezze plates … in fact, everything at this beloved restaurant on 1300 East.

Somewhat to his own surprise, Aristo has been given an offer he can’t refuse and he has, reluctantly, sold his restaurant to someone who will undoubtedly offer us food much less delicious..

This isn’t the last we’ll see of Aristo. He’s got plans—held Vegas-like close to his vest. But it is the last we’ll see of his cooking for awhile.

So go. If you’ve ever loved a spoonful of anything from Aristo’s kitchen Saturday night is the last night to sit on his patio. So GET IT WHILE YOU CAN. Tonight through Saturday.

The man himself will be in the kitchen, so you may not see him, but you’ll know he’s there— by the cursing coming from the back of house.

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