What’s Going into Aristo’s and The Paris Bistro?

Does anyone actually read my posts? Because if you did, do, you’d know that I issued dire warning about impending threats to some of Salt Lake’s beloved restaurants. Well. Now look what has happened. Two of Salt Lake’s best restaurant spaces—Aristo’s and the Paris Bistro—are about to be occupied.

Does anybody actually read my column?

Aristo's Paris Bistro
The Paris Bistro in its prime.

Yet another version of Giuseppe Mirenda’s Sicilian-esque restaurants—yes, the one with the carbonara made in the giant wheel of parmesan—is opening in the beloved Paris Bistro space. The Paris was a restaurant that was one of the city’s finest for years and consistently brought us authentic and modified versions of French food. Somehow, French cuisine has been kicked to the wayside and cheesy (I mean that literally) Italian is everywhere.


Farewell Aristo!

Not only that, but one of Mirenda’s managers has taken off on his own and his opening his version of an Italian joint in Aristo’s old space, which shuttered last month. Aristo’s was also one of Salt Lake’s great restaurants, like The Paris, unique in the city of salt and which is now becoming a city of pizza.

Honestly, truly, I am not a snob. I love pizza. I love pasta. But it saddens me—disheartens me, really, that we’re losing two jewels and replacing them with a cubic zirconia of food.

Bottom line: Restaurants rely on regulars, but restaurant-goers fall into ruts and the foodscape in Salt Lake City has lost many gems because people who “loved” these restaurants didn’t support them. Food-lovers: Be aware of the out-of-the-way places. Don’t visit a place just because the parking is easy or free or just because you know how to get there. Blaze some new trails for yourself. Salt Lake’s dining scene needs you.

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Mary Brown Malouf
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