Arlo: 2022 Salt Lake Magazine Dining Award Winner

Nominee: Milo Carrier of Arlo Restaurant

Milo Carrier hasn’t stopped cooking since he was 16 years old, his wife Brooke Doner explains. “His mom was very egalitarian with chores,” she says, chuckling. “If Milo cooked he didn’t have to help clean up.” Their restaurant Arlo opened in the space where Em’s used to be on Capitol Hill and has become a city favorite. 

“I went to college at the U, floundered around there for a while, before I realized I wanted to pursue culinary school,” Milo says. “I moved to San Francisco and worked there for six years but eventually came back to Salt Lake City with the idea that I wanted to open my own restaurant.” 

The couple started in SLC with pop-up events and catering, including a series of “Caterpillar Dinners” in unlikely locations like the foothills of SLC and empty warehouses. At Arlo, Milo gets to explore his ever-changing concept of cuisine, with a seasonal menu that never stays the same from month to month. 

“For me, Arlo is non-linear and not stuck in time,” he says. “We’re always looking for new influences and are open to all cuisines. Arlo is whatever it is today and whatever it will be tomorrow, at the same time.”

Dishes not to miss

“It’s maybe a weird concept but our favorite dishes are what are on the menu now,” Brooke says. “It’s always changing based on what’s available locally and how Milo develops a dish. We’ll start out at the beginning of the week with a dish and by the end, he will have tweaked it into something else. In a month, we’re bored of it and it’s on to something else.”

One cool thing

Arlo expanded its patio and heated dining options in a quick response to the pandemic. They’re continuing to expand the terrace and outdoor dining options. 

Arlo Restaurant // 271 N. North Center St., SLC, 385-266-8845

Pacifico sea bass with new potatoes, piperade with Castelvetrano olives and refried peas winter citrus, safflower petals, herbs and lemon fish broth from Arlo
Pacifico sea bass with new potatoes, piperade with Castelvetrano olives and refried peas winter citrus, safflower petals, herbs and lemon fish broth from Arlo. (Photo by Adam Finkle/Salt Lake magazine)

Nominated by: Steven Rosenberg of Liberty Heights Fresh 

‘Why I love Arlo Restaurant’

“I had heard that Em’s on Capitol Hill had been re-envisioned and opened as Arlo. I was impressed to see the creativity of each dish is exceptional. Ingredients are carefully sourced, of high integrity, and possess flavor and texture that are superb. There is so much thought in each and every plated dish. Now, I eat there two to three times each month. The Cuban pork shoulder on the brunch menu blows me away. I feel like I’m in Miami at a Cuban friend’s house.” 

Why does Arlo deserve to be recognized in the 2022 Dining Awards?

“Milo has been developing and growing his repertoire for this opportunity for many years—working in SLC, San Francisco, and many other places to hone his skills. Chef Milo is attentive to every detail in the dining room and terrace. When out of town guests arrive in Utah, we dine at Arlo.” — Steven Rosenberg of Liberty Heights Fresh

Liberty Heights Fresh // 1290 S. 1100 East, SLC, 801-583-7374

This year, we are doing our Dining Awards a little bit differently. In the spirit of Utah’s close-knit and supportive dining industry, we asked some of the top industry professionals to nominatetheir favorite chefs. The 2022 Salt Lake Magazine Dining Awards presents 12 honorees, each paired by their mutual admiration for each other and love of good food. Read the full list of winners. Subscribe for more Salt Lake magazine.

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