Functional Art from Wild Joy Pottery

Sadie Joy Muhlestein. Photo by Adam Finkle

Sadie Joy Muhlestein begins with raw clay and shapes it into mugs, teapots or vessels. While the clay dries, she creates the designs and then applies the underglaze. “This is my favorite step,” she says. “I spend the most time painting with loving intention the details of my designs.” She describes the process as alchemy of all the elements: the clay is earth, water manipulates the form of the clay, air commits the shape and fire transmutes and strengthens the piece. “Heart through art is the magical element that takes a mundane item and makes it joyful.” A lifelong artist, Sadie set up a studio space and started creating pottery in Spring 2022, and now she sells her pieces at local markets like Utah Art Market, JKR gallery and the Salt & Honey shop and on Instagram @wildjoypotteryandart.

Find Joy in Your Own Pottery

Whether you’re looking to pick up a new hobby, hone existing skills or just get your hands dirty with clay, there are plenty of pottery workshops in Utah. The following classes welcome all skill levels so you can tap into the creative joy within.

Art Haus

This Salt Lake studio offers adult and children’s classes seven days a week. Their intro to wheel-thrown pottery course is perfect for newbies to the craft. Throughout four classes their skilled teachers will guide students in forming mugs and bowls, and teach basic skills like carving and glazing.

Learn more about Art Haus’ offerings on their website.

The Kreative Kiln

Owned and operated by a husband and wife duo, The Kreative Kiln is an open studio located in Pleasant Grove. Their pottery wheel throwing experience is a fun alternative for birthday parties, date night, or a solo creative challenge! Interested artists can also purchase memberships to use the studio’s tools, supplies and space. Find more info here.

Workshop SLC

Workshop SLC is a collective of artists, both professional and hobbyists alike. The studio recently introduce pottery classes ranging from foundational to intermediate. Learn from staff through demonstration, lecture and one-on-one instruction to throw clay, shape ceramics and apply unique decorating techniques. The studio also offers one-day workshops with all supplies included. Learn more!

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