Visual Arts

Stroll Utah Art Galleries For Free This Friday

Gallery strolls are a fine way to peruse exhibits at fine art galleries and initiate new members to the art-lover community without the typical price of admission. Cities across the state host...

Nine Summer Festivals To Attend in Utah

Time in summer moves slower. We look at the clock less and enjoy warm afternoons that stretch into long, languid nights. And nothing helps keep time in summer as well as the...

Making Comics with Cartoonist Jess Smart Smiley

A look inside one of Smiley’s sketchbooks is a peek inside his storytelling process.

Ballet West Dancers Bring Romance to the Stage

Never mix business with pleasure? That can be a tough sell to artists, even the highly regimented Ballet West dancers. Let’s face it, dancers work closely together—very closely—and among all the choreographed...

Ballet West Sweethearts: Lillian Casscells & Beau Chesivoir

Like the plot of any good romcom, Lillian Casscells and Beau Chesivoir often sparred during their early careers at Ballet West. But after COVID-19 sent them back to their hometowns, they lived...

Ballet West Sweethearts: Dominic Ballard & Vinicius Lima

When Vinni joined Ballet West in 2018, he says he and Dominic bonded over shared culture shock and recent heartbreaks. 

Ballet West Sweethearts: Olivia Gusti & Tyler Gum

Olivia and Tyler married in the summer of 2021 after seven years together. They met when Oliva joined Ballet West as a trainee.

Ballet West Sweethearts: Victoria Vassos & Hadriel Diniz

At her first Ballet West fundraising gala, Victoria Vassos asked her coworker, Hadriel Diniz to join her on the dance floor.

INTERWOVEN at Modern West 

The cycle of life—birth, survival and decay—is an experience shared by every living organism on the planet. As much as humans strive to separate themselves from each other and the natural world,...

Modern West and Southern Utah Museum of Art Explore Visions of the West

Modern West presents an exhibition featuring two late modern artists who found solace and revelation in the horizons of New Mexico, while Southern Utah Museum of Art displays contemporary works inspired by the Taos Moderns.

The 9th & 9th Whale Tale

Stephen Kesler’s public artwork Out of the Blue sparked passionate debate. Maybe that was the point?

At Modern West and Southern Utah Museum of Art, Pop Art Pioneer Billy Schenck

The cinematic Western landscapes and cowboy protagonists of Billy Schenck’s art aren’t just a fantasy—it’s in his DNA. The artist, who spent part of his childhood riding horses and farming cattle in...

Community Communication With UMOCA’s ‘For Freedoms’

UMOCA creates a space for community communications with 'For Freedoms'

Petersen Art Center Teaches Anyone Can Be an Artist

Petersen Art Center teaches anyone can be an artist.

Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit Moves Salt Lake Audiences

Beyond Van Gogh defies the definition of a typical museum exhibit. While not directly interactive, it is immersive and captivating. After traveling the country for months, the exhibit has arrived in Salt Lake...

Owen Mortensen Tames Wild Artifacts into Functional Art

“I remember a tumbleweed blowing into my yard and thinking ‘Wow, what am I going to do with this?’ I put it on a shelf knowing it would eventually present itself.” Artist Owen...