Small Films—Big Impact

After decades of exposure to the Sundance Film Festival, Utah has become a great market for alt and small films. The perfect place, in fact, for Film School Shorts. The newest season—10 half-hour episodes—premieres this Saturday (Oct....

Premiering documentary follows autistic man as he climbs Mount Kilimanjaro

The exclusive premiere of documentary, Follow the Sound of My Voice, will take place Saturday, October 15 with a full day of events in celebration of the film. Activities include adaptive archery and...

Sundance Film Festival announces special ticket options for locals

It's that time of year again for those of you who love our state's pride and joy, the Sundance Film Festival, to start thinking about purchasing tickets. This year's system will incorporate a...

Movie Review: "The Magnificent Seven"

Because “The Pretty Decent Seven” just wouldn’t fly

Staff Picks: Tumbleweeds, Brett Dennen and NOW-ID's Apocalypse Gala

Salt Lake magazine staff members know the hottest events in the Beehive. Here’s what we’ll be up to this weekend.

Sundance: Doc. draws pro-gun fire

 An acclaimed Sundance documentary has landed its celebrity maker, Katie Couric, into a $13 million lawsuit with a pro-gun group. One of the most dramatic moments of Under the Gun, that premiered at Sundance...

Tumbleweeds Film Festival: Movie-going fun for the whole family

A two-day adventure into the world of cinema invites young minds to enjoy the best that international cinema has to offer with the Tumbleweeds Film Festival. Utah Film Center is once again hosting the...

Movie Review: "Don't Breathe"

How much will even a horror audience get behind a group of young miscreants who want to rob a disabled US veteran, billed only as The Blind Man (Stephen Lang) in the latest offering from Ghost House Pictures, “Don’t Breathe”?

Sundance Snubs Utah?

Every fall, Sundance Institute's PR people fan out to meet with Wasatch Front media to renew the film fest's vows of love for the state and ask how they can get locals...

Movie Review: "Ben-Hur"

When you remake Ben-Hur (again), there’s bound to be comparisons made.

Movie Review: "Florence Foster Jenkins"

The finale to such a ready-for-Lifetime movie is never really in doubt, but the cast elevates the material above expectations.

Best of the Beehive 2016: Arts and Entertainment

From "Best Nightlife Music" to "Best Stargazing"

Sundance 2016

Sundance Review: “Jim: The James Foley Story”

If you see one thing doc this year, see this Early on in “Jim: The James Foley Story”, Foley is speaking at Marquette University after having been captured by forces loyal to Muammar...

Slamdance Review: Director's Cut

Slamdance Review: Director’s Cut   Adam Rifkin’s (maybe I should say Herbert Blount’s) Director’s Cut is a twisted horror-comedy. Written and narrated by comedian and magician Penn Jillette (of Penn & Teller), the film has...
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