Ask The Experts: Libby Bauman

SkinSpirit is the #1 Botox and dermal filler provider in the country, with a comprehensive menu of award-winning skin and body treatments. Established in 2003, they have continued to grow and thrive in California, Washington, Texas, and now, Utah. At SkinSpirit you will find the highest level of expert care and safety standards at their newest clinic in Sugar House — a unique and luxurious medical spa providing tested and trusted treatments to bring desired results. CEO and Co-Founder Lynn Heublein leads an impressive and highly trained staff and encourages team members to experience treatments themselves and share their feedback with clients.

Libby Bauman, RN, a valued member of the team in Salt Lake City, is an Aesthetic Nursing Specialist certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. With over 11 years of experience, she specializes in cosmetic injectables like BotoxTM , DysportTM and fillers. “We have assembled an incredible and very talented team here in Salt Lake City,” says Bauman, “and we work very well together. A happy team makes for happy clients and the work-life balance is a leading emphasis here. A strong work culture leads to long-term loyalty — our people stay with SkinSpirit because they feel valued and appreciated.”

“Our approach with all clients is that they feel like family. Everything we do is science-based,” says Bauman. SkinSpirit has always been transparent in its goals. During this year with COVID and temporary setbacks, CEO Lynn Heublein made sure that all 250 employees were paid and taken care of. During the past few months, team members met virtually and collaborated with one another, actively staying engaged as a team.” Bauman says, “Many of us are head of household women and fully supporting our families and SkinSpirit wanted to make sure we were supported during this time.”

“We are so excited to be in Utah,” says Bauman. “SkinSpirit brought together the best of the best to create the Salt Lake team. Our executive team is phenomenal and actively involved in the success of our practice. Lindsay Breinholdt, CNM/NP is a rock star experienced injector with a women’s health background and extensive experience in all things aesthetics. Riley Lambert and Oakli Wismer are our Licensed Master Estheticians with a vast knowledge of the skin and are experts at providing long term skincare. Ultimately, our end goal is to provide an elevated client experience and create long-lasting relationships.


What makes SkinSpirit stand out?

“In the industry, I believe that the SkinSpirit team represents some of the top injectors in the country. We are often selected as trainers for cosmetic industry leaders, such as Allergan or Galderma.”

Why is having medical professionally trained staff significant?

“Our strong and specialized medical backgrounds ultimately bring a more favorable and beautiful result: less pain, more science. Making our clients happy is the ultimate outcome.”

What’s your favorite skin treatment?

“My favorite treatment hands down is Sculptra. Sculptra is a collagen stimulator that has gained popularity in recent years — it’s unlike a traditional hyaluronic acid filler. Sculptra is a “bio stimulator” that stimulates your own collagen production, which helps to restore facial volume. Sculptra also enhances the tone, texture, and integrity of your skin, sometimes referred to as the “Sculptra Glow.” Sculptra evolves gradually so your results are natural and long-lasting, sometimes longer than two years. Typically patients see results in eight weeks and maintain with one or two vials annually. Your birthday is a good time and a reminder to come in for maintenance.”

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