Heather Hayes


Ballet West Dancers Bring Romance to the Stage

Never mix business with pleasure? That can be a tough sell to artists, even the highly regimented Ballet West dancers. Let’s face it, dancers work closely together—very closely—and among all the choreographed...

Ballet West Sweethearts: Olivia Gusti & Tyler Gum

Olivia and Tyler married in the summer of 2021 after seven years together. They met when Oliva joined Ballet West as a trainee.

Ballet West Sweethearts: Lillian Casscells & Beau Chesivoir

Like the plot of any good romcom, Lillian Casscells and Beau Chesivoir often sparred during their early careers at Ballet West. But after COVID-19 sent them back to their hometowns, they lived...

Ballet West Sweethearts: Dominic Ballard & Vinicius Lima

When Vinni joined Ballet West in 2018, he says he and Dominic bonded over shared culture shock and recent heartbreaks. 

Ballet West Sweethearts: Victoria Vassos & Hadriel Diniz

At her first Ballet West fundraising gala, Victoria Vassos asked her coworker, Hadriel Diniz to join her on the dance floor.

Gear Legends: Stars of the Utah Outdoor Industry

Over the years, Utah has become an outdoor industry hub, acting as mission control while providing pristine backdrops that bring gear to life with the ultimate field test—from backcountry boots to climbing...

Gear Legends: Niche Snowboards

Even though Kirsten Kolter and Ana Van Pelt met while working for a company to develop a new type of horse harness—Kolter in product development and Van Pelt in design—neither of them...

Gear Legends: Fezzari Bicycles

Chris Washburn remembers a singular, clarifying moment that led to the birth of his company, Fezzari Bicycles. With degrees in both business and law from Brigham Young University, he seemed destined for...

Heather Hayes