Avocado is the new Superman—okay, Wonder Woman­—of foods. Extremely nutrient dense with vitamins E and K, fiber and monounsaturated fats (that’s the good kind), avocado can boost your wellness in other ways. According to Harmons Chef Lesli Nielson, “They’re also really good for heart health and your eyes and bones.”

In the South, avocados used to be called alligator pears—the outside as rough and bumpy as gator skin, the inside creamy and buttery as a pea.

But the main thing about avocados? Besides being trendy, good for you and madly delicious,  “they’re really satiating,” says Chef Lesli. (Partly because of that fat.)

Avocados come from all over the world­–right now they are shipping from California, but soon we will see Chilean avocados in the market and then on to Mexico. Chef Lesli advises, “Avocados ripen just five days after they are picked from their trees. Once they are ripe, keep them in your fridge and handle gently to avoid bruising and enjoy.

  • Roots Cafe – The Peeto. Marinated grass-fed beef thinly sliced on baguette with horseradish avocado aioli, pepper jack cheese, sweet onions and caramelized jalapeno served with house made au-jus. 3474 S. 2300 East, SLC, 801-277-6499
  • Zest Kitchen and Bar – Deviled avocados with turmeric-carrot hummus. 275 S. 200 West, SLC, 801-433-0589
  • Rye – Soft-egg scramble with roasted green chile, avocado and pepper jack cheese with house potatoes and toast. 239 S. 500 East, SLC, 801-364-4655