Bad Brad's 4th Annual Pie & Beer Day

Correction: Pie & Beer Day is Monday, July 24.

After a brief panic that Bad Brad Wheeler’s departure from KRCL radio meant the epic, highly anticipated Pie and Beer Day was in the boneyard—we were relieved to learn Brad took our favorite fundraiser with him when he got the bum’s rush.

If you remember, local-music icon Bad Brad exited KRCL in June and neither he nor the station management would explain why. Garment rending and teeth gnashing ensued.

But Bad Brad, the pies, the beers and the celebrants are all back—sans KRCL. The money raised will go, not to KRCL, but to the Brewers Guild, a worthy cause, particularly in Utah.

A $25 Pie Pass includes five pies and five beers—you do the taste pairings. Utah’s best restaurants, including Copper Onion, Garage on Beck, Tulie Bakery, Vertical Diner, Honeycomb Bakery, Eva’s and the pie-masters at Tradition are creating one-of-a-kind pies and local beer makers will provide at least as many artisan brews. Tickets are available at the door.

And feel free to track down Bad Brad and ask him, with a mouthful (yours or his) of pie and beer, what was up with his leaving KRCL.

Pie and Beer Day, Monday, July 24, 3-9 p.m., Beer Bar, 161 E. 200 South, and, sorry, you’ve got to be 21.

For those new to Utah, Pie-and-Beer Day is a hilarious pun on Pioneer Day, Utah’s national holiday, that you will soon hear, ad nauseam, is “bigger than the Fourth of July!”

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