What is a balayage?

Balayage means “to sweep” in French. It is also known as “hair painting,” which is a term well used to represent the balayage application method. Rather than foiling, hair stylists often choose to use seran wrap as an alternative. The process is a freehand technique where the hair stylist uses vertical sweeping motions with the tip of the brush down sections of the hair. The result is thicker, less symmetrical highlights, which allows for a more natural and beachy look.


Is a balayage for me?

Unlike getting an ombre done to your hair, which works best for those who have dark roots and long hair, a balayage can be for everyone. It can be achieved on those with hair as short as a pixie cut or as light as natural blonde. The purpose of the balayage is to achieve sun-kissed highlights that blend naturally with your hair. Depending on the desired look and hair length, however, the end result is different for everyone.

Typically, a balayage is easiest to achieve on those with virgin hair that is shoulder length or longer. It works great on people who have layers and like to add texture to their hair! A balayage hair color is especially appealing when the hair is curled and tossled.


How do I maintain a balayage?

Although it is possible to obtain a balayage look without using bleach, we all have different hair types with different undertones. Leave it to your stylist to determine how to achieve your desired look without totally damaging your hair! Since bleach is so commonly applied to have a balayage, maintaining the highlights could mean using a purple shampoo to tone the blonde and keep it light. Additionally, try your best to find the right products that will keep your hair hydrated and healthy.