Bar Guide: Neighborhood Joints That are Older than dirt and have never heard of a website.

written by: Glen Warchol

photo by: Adam Finkle

Murphy’s Bar, vaguely Irish-themed, a “Step down in social clubs,” and prime stop for downtown wage slaves, 160 Main, SLC

Duffy’s Tavern, exceptional eats, including one of the best French dips in the city, 932 Main, SLC 

Tap Room, your best bet is to keep your drinks simple, like beer and shots, 2021 S. Windsor St., Sugar House

Ex-Wife’s Place, a favorite of U of U kids and after-hour restaurant workers who love the pool tables and pin-ball, 465 S. 700 East, SLC

Shot and a Beer

A classic of neighborhood Northeastern U.S. bars, the shot and a beer sometimes called a boiler maker (a shot of any whiskey dropped into a mug of beer) by amateurs. The traditional miner or steelworker shot and beer involves A) a glass of beer and B) a shot of rye whiskey.

Variations include shots of scotch, bourbon, vodka, gin or tequila. Or a shot and a “splash of beer.” Or sometimes no beer at all. (By the way, so-called “Car Bombs,” with Irish Cream are for lightweights.)

For many bartenders, a shot and a beer is their end-of-shift drink—take from that what you will.

If you are a complete newbie, here’s Salt Lake magazine’s recipe for a shot and a beer:

1.5 oz Rye Whiskey (cheap)

12 oz of beer (whatever’s on tap)

Serve the rye in a small glass and the beer in a big glass.

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Glen Warchol
Glen Warchol
The late, great Glen Warchol passed away in 2018. His last billet was on the editorial staff here at Salt Lake magazine but his storied career included stops at The Salt Lake Tribune, The Desert News, The New Times and others. His stories haunt this website like ghosts in a machine and we're always happy to see them. RIP Papa Warchol.

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