We’ve all been thrift shopping. Whether it’s at a store like Kid to Kid, or our beloved D.I. Some may even have a husband that would regard a trip to the D.I. as his idea of a great date. But, have you ever considered a consignment shop for makeup?

I first heard about Glambot from a Youtuber, and it seemed super sketchy to me. Used makeup? No thanks, Tom Hanks. But, the idea of selling makeup I wasn’t using was appealing enough that I had to see the site myself.

Glambot probably has a jillion products on their site. All of them deeply discounted. When I saw MAC PRO shadows for $5, I nearly cried. But, I had to hold steady—I was there to purge, not to binge. And, I quickly found it was just as easy to sell as it was to buy.


First, they direct you to their list of accepted products, all of them high-end but not all brands are eligible. Lines like Estee Lauder, L’ancome, and Clinique are not listed. I also discovered, because they do take sanitation very seriously, they do not take items like used mascara or lipgloss. Instructions also include a video showing exactly how to package the makeup to ship. It’s almost like they wanted to give me money.

Once products were received and evaluated, I received an email. Much like selling things to Kid to Kid, I was offered “glambucks” (in store credit) or cash. Glambucks pay 30% more, so there is some benefit to taking the credit. As much as I wanted to replace my lost beauties, I opted for the cash. I sent in about 40 items and received a little over $225.  Not bad for stuff just collecting dust.

After my sale, I was sold. Glambot will be the bff you’ve been looking for your whole life—it’s nice to have a friend that will take that blue eyeshadow or discontinued lipstick you’ll never use. Glambot is your girl.