Beauty Buff: Take that ELF Off the Shelf

I remember fondly when I first discovered ELF.

I was at a dance competition with my daughter. In between numbers, one of the girls pulled out a glorious eyeshadow palette that had every color under the sun. Of course, not to be outdone by a child, I ordered it—and many other things right away. I think I spent around $30 that first go around and got a hefty package of goodies sent to me.

Price wise, E.L.F. is just about as inexpensive as it gets. But, don’t think that you won’t get some pretty great stuff. While, admittedly, some things are duds—as are things from any brand really—E.L.F never ceases to amaze with how they manage to keep things on trend and on point.

lip ex

1. E.L.F Lip Exfoliator ($3)

This guy isn’t your typical lip scrub. Unlike most scrubs that you scoop up and use your finger, this one you use right from the bullet. Just wet lips a little and use in circular motions until your lips are soft, smooth and ready for my next favorite product.


2. Matte Lip Color ($3)

From a near perfect nude to a fire engine red, these matte lippies are some of the best out there. And, they won’t suck every last bit of moisture out of your body.


3. Pretty much any of their black handled brushes ($3-10)

For the price point, these brushes are well worth it. The tapered blending brush, kabuki and “C” eyeshadow brushes are tools I use nearly every day.

remover pen

4. Makeup Remover Pen ($3)

I have never seen anything like this on the market. A felt-tipped pen that will spot clean any little mistake. This pen will make your winged liner so sharp you can cut a &^%&* and I can clean up that matte red lip that I can never keep inside the lines.

Take a few bucks the next time you are at your local drugstore and give E.L.F. a try. Or, see their full line at here.

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