When I was working at a cosmetics counter I was always surprised to see where people put a priority on spending money. For instance: someone would have no problem spending $60 on an eyeshadow quad but they wouldn’t spend money on a good eye cream. Ladies will spend $40 on a good red lipstick and wash their face with Lever 2000.

What the deuce?

Well, we need to talk about foundation primer. Very few people buy it. They should. If you aren’t using a primer you are basically taking all the money you were willing to spend on foundation and doing the equivalent of driving to Wendover to see an Air Supply concert. It’s a waste of your money and you should be ashamed of yourself.

I could go into a million reasons why—about the primer, not Air Supply. But, I won’t.

I’ll give you one.

It will make you look younger.

Primers get the skin prepped and ready for your foundation by giving that foundation something to hold on to. You see, your skin is actually not designed to hold on to makeup. It’s a smooth surface. Without giving your skin some “tack,” all of your makeup is going to just slide right off. In my case, quite literally.  (The joys of oily skin.)

There’s always a time of day when you don’t have foundation on parts of your face. It breaks around the nose, mouth and sometimes the eyes. Or you look in the mirror and that flaw you intended to cover up now has something comparable to one of those spotlights directing you to the best haunted house?

Sweetie, you need a primer.

I’ll tell you a secret. I’ll spend good money on a primer way before I’ll spend big bucks on a foundation. Why? Because with a good primer I can wear nearly any foundation I want, from light coverage to spackle—and everything in between.

Stay tuned for next week’s blog, in it I’ll show you some great primers—and some great hacks.

Image cred: Glossier