Beauty Buff: We All Scream for Eye Cream

What is the best eye cream?

It’s a popular question with a frustrating answer.

“It depends.”

And then you stand and watch as all hope leaves their tired shopping souls. But, there is hope. Promise. Here are a couple hints to finding YOUR best eye cream.

You may not want an eye cream at all: try a serum.

I am a fan of the serums. While they can be more expensive, the ingredients are concentrated, so you do get more bang for your buck. They are light weight, in fact, they are no weight at all and leave the skin around the eyes instantly hydrated, brightened and smoothed.  Because there is nothing to them, they are great to wear under make-up OR you can dab serum on top of makeup to help hydrate or even smooth makeup that has dried or creased.

Just because it’s big bucks doesn’t mean it’s better.

Some of my favorite eye creams are the least expensive. No bells. No whistles. Just straight up hydration. If you feel like you are in the market for something lifting and firming try something with Retinol.


Trish McEvoy Beauty Booster Eye Serum ($98)

Clinique All About Eyes ($31)

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum ($65)

Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream ($30)

Eye Care Tips:

  1. Eye Cream is like ice cream; it melts. Keep the application right around the orbital bone (socket) because it will melt into the surrounding skin instead of melting right into your eye.
  2. Layer products. Start with thin to thick. Use a serum like the one from Trish under your favorite eye cream for added benefit.
  3. Buy the smallest size. Sure, you may get “more for your money” but, eye cream lasts a long time. A little dab will do you and the shelf life might run out before the jar does. A .5 oz jar of eye cream could last you as long as nine months. (If it doesn’t, you’re using too much)
  4. The best eye care tip has nothing to do with eye cream. NEVER! Did I say Never? Never go to bed with your eye makeup on. I will come to your house and poke you in your dang eye.

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