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It’s time to bend your way into shape

By Aly Peterson | Photography by Tess Comrie

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I love yoga because it can be an amazing workout and, as odd as this may seem, I always feel a sense of peace when I’m finished.

I enjoy stretching my body in new ways while building muscle at the same time. Feeling the need to challenge my usual yoga practices, I searched online for the perfect way to do so.  That’s when I found Plexus Co.—a company that focuses on “pushing limits, discovering what lies within each of us, and promoting inner peace, all while getting a good sweat.”

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To be honest, when I first saw the Plexus Yoga Wheel I was a little bit skeptical.

How much can a wheel really change your yoga experience?  It can only push you so far, right?  I was SO WRONG.  This wheel is killer!  Within a matter of a couple minutes I begin sweating bullets and pushing myself in ways I really didn’t know were possible.

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The Plexus Co Yoga Wheel has completely challenged my yoga experience.  The yoga wheel helps to open your hips, shoulders, chest and back.  The wheel is used to create a more intense yoga practice and acts as an aid to most poses. I notice it takes a lot more effort to balance certain poses and my stretches are pushed to the limit.

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You can find more ways to use your yoga wheel here.

Pictured is the 12” standard wheel in the color “Aurora”, but there are four different size options as well as four different color options.

All quotes used in this post are from the Plexus Co. website.

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