Best Break Up Stories

We asked three Salt Lakers, “What is your Best Break Up Story?” Some relationships are forever. The rest make great stories.

“It wasn’t a long relationship, but it had its moments. We travelled well together, and we did so often. After I broke up with him—shortly after a trip he’d claimed was his treat—I got an email from him. It was an itemized bill splitting the cost of that last trip right down the middle.”

Christie Marcy, Director of Marketing, Utah Museum of Contemporary Art

“My girlfriend in college tried to break up with me by sitting me down and playing Usher’s song “Burn.” She said, “listen to the words, it’s how I feel.” I listened to the song and still had no clue what she was getting at. She then sighed and said, “I’m trying to break up with you.”

Jon Watkins, Host of 105.1’s Mix Morning Fix

I was a freshman at BYU when the then backup quarterback asked me out. We hit it off and started dating. I thought I was such a big deal: the girlfriend of one of the coolest guys on campus UNTIL I went to a study group one Saturday morning. The group was chatting about the weekend when one of the girls said, “You are never going to believe who my friend kissed last night.” Yep, guess who? My boyfriend. He had told me he was “studying late” but apparently he was taking notes on someone else’s face.”

Nicea DeGering, Host of ABC 4 Good Things Utah

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