Best of the Beehive 2022: 9th & 9th

Just 10 minutes or so from downtown is one of the liveliest and most walkable neighborhoods in Salt Lake City. The center is the intersection of 900 South and 900 East, locally known as 9th and 9th, home to a cluster of interesting shops and some of the best restaurants in the city. Tree-lined streets around the shopping area are home to Victorian cottages and bungalows with a few recently built high-rises to accommodate the growing community. Close by is Liberty Park, the city’s largest, with an aviary, playing fields, tennis courts, a swimming pool and bocce courts. Tower Theatre, one of Salt Lake Film Society’s two cinemas, shows off-beat and foreign films as well as Sundance films during the festival. A great family neighborhood, 9th and 9th is also home to many young, hip professionals. 

Who Lives There?

Median household income: $56,189
Median age: 34.9
White: 79.57%
Hispanic/Latinx: 9.26%
Black/African American: 2.05%
American Indian/Alaskan Native: 1.37%
Asian: 10.69%
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: 0.51%
Some other race: 2.51%
2+ Races: 3.29%

What’s the Rent?

Median home price: $595,000
Median rent for one bedroom: $1,200

Where Do You Eat?

Vessel got its start up in Park City, where it was gushingly accepted as a much-needed “health-forward” restaurant. Now with five locations around the valley, its fast-casual menu is very of the time. Chose a protein, a green and a starch, which sounds like something out of a science fiction movie. But it is good, guilt-free dining that satisfies persnickety diets for carb counters and offers comforting, well-prepared meals for the rest of us. The 9th and 9th location is a healthy counterpoint to the newly opened chain fried-chicken joint (complete with a garish chicken statue) across the street. (Which, sigh, took over the space left behind from Mazza’s much-lamented 9th and 9th location closure.)

Where Do You Drink?

In a town with many neighborhoods but few neighborhood bars, East Liberty Tap House stands out. Its welcoming patio and the long list of wine and craft beer draw a neighborhood crowd of regulars and the rest of us who wish we had a house in 9th and 9th.

Where Do You Play?

Salt Lake City’s largest and most visited park is not exactly Central Park but Salt Lake isn’t exactly Manhattan and we like our little Liberty Park just fine. Perfect for a quick workout around the outside track, a meet-up with your LARPing crew, a family picnic or a gathering, this welcoming green park is our city’s outdoor living room. BONUS: The drinking fountain on the park’s southeastern corner is fed by a natural spring and is a delicious way to cool off after fun in the sun.

The interior of Salt & Honey Market, a 2022 Best of the Beehive winner in 9th & 9th.
The interior of Salt & Honey Market (Photo by Adam Finkle/Salt Lake magazine)

Where Do You Shop?

Salt & Honey Market is solely dedicated to showcasing the work of local artisans and makers. Its flagship location (there are two other valley locations) at 9th and 9th is the spot for newcomers looking to “Utah-up” their decor while supporting local creators.

Best Place to Solve Gift-giving Panic Attacks

Panic setting in for that perfect gift? Just go to Hip & Humble, duh. Its selection of clothing, gifts and home goods is curated as a solution for special-occasion gift emergencies.

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