Each year, the editors and writers at Salt Lake magazine scour the state for the best of, well, everything. We eat the food, shop at the shops, drink the beer, go to the shows to guide you to the Best of the Beehive. It’s hard work, we know. You’re welcome. Here are our completely random and amazing selection from parts north of Salt Lake City Next week: our winners from Sugar House. Check back each week for another dose of the Best of the Beehive. Or just buy the magazine already to get it over with.—Eds.

Best Way to Reclaim Your Youth: Get Air

Kids today play with electronics and their fingers are the only body parts that get exercise. Transport yourself back to simpler days of youth by visiting Get Air. It’s all-ages, but there are special times for toddlers, jumpers of every age, those who are taller than 46-inches and special needs jumpers. You can also play dodgeball, navigate ninja courses or build your way out of a pit of foam blocks. 1188 Sportsplex Dr., Kaysville, 801-499-5247, getairkaysville.com

Best Local Pizza Joint: Lucky Slice Pizza  

Whether you visit this millennial-favorite pizza place at its brick-and-mortar locations or on-the-go at their food truck, you’re gonna get a tasty slice. You can’t go wrong with their specialty pizzas or with a classic slice of cheesy goodness. Be sure to grab a bumper sticker so everyone you drive by knows you have great taste. 1246 S. Legend Hills Dr., Clearfield, 801-820-6992, theluckyslice.com

Best Zombie Apocalypse Prep: Great Room Escape

Layton’s, and arguably Northern Utah’s, best escape room experience is nestled in an unassuming strip mall just off I-15. You can try one of their four mind-bogglingly immersive escape rooms to see exactly how you and your friends might fare against a zombie, serial killer, nuclear crisis or even Houdini’s Ghost. 525 Ring Rd., Layton, 801-546-6446, greatroomescapeutah.com

Best (& Absurdly Soft) Blankets: Minky Couture

Sure, you’ve seen the billboards and perhaps heard murmurs at baby showers, but you don’t know true softness until you’ve actually held a Minky Blanket. Want to be the envy of everyone in your house? Buy one of their Grande blankets and turn yourself into the plushest human burrito of all time. 1782 Woodland Park Dr., Layton, 801-682-8422, softminkyblankets.com

Best “Watch me Whip:” Dole Whips at Lagoon

Once upon a time, you had to stand in line at the Tiki Room at a Disney Park to get a Dole Whip—a sweet pineapple-based frozen treat. Now, you need only go to Farmington, where Dole Whips are available at a concession stand at Lagoon. We recommend the Dole Whip Float—the tropical cocktail umbrella is mandatory, of course. 375 N. Lagoon Dr., Farmington, 801-451-8000, lagoonpark.com

Best Fish Nibble: SeaQuest  

Seaquest is not just an interactive aquarium where guests can touch and experience sea life up close. They also offer a fish spa. You’ll dunk your feet into water filled with fish that will exfoliate by gently removing dead skin cells—yes, with their toothless mouths. Beware, the tickle threat-level of this experience is quite high. 1201 N. Hill Field Rd., Layton, 801-544-4938, utah.visitseaquest.com

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