The Best of Park City 2016: Hometown Heroes

Heinrich Deters: Trails and Open Space Program Manager, Park City

Deters came to Park City on a ski vacation in 1986, and stayed. A former mountain bike racer and avid skier, Deters has a passion for maintaining one of the best trail systems in the country—300 miles of continuous trails weaving in and around 8,000 acres of preserved open space.

His position involves making decisions about acquiring new open space and trails as well as planning for walking and biking infrastructure. “I love working with the older ranching families  trying to preserve the community’s open fields and rural way of life. They provide such a rich history we must look to protect,” he says.

Mary Christa Smith: Project Manager, Summit Community Power Works

With Smith leading the charge for Summit County Power Works, it’s no surprise that Park City is a top contender for the $5 million Georgetown Energy Prize, a national competition to reduce electricity and natural gas use over a two-year period.

“This initiative has grown to the point that it has a life of its own,” says Smith, also a respected practitioner of shamanic medicine. “It’s really the biggest opportunity to unite  the community—it couldn’t happen without everyone working together and doing their part.”

Rob Harter: Executive Director, Christian Center of Park City

Best known for its Food Pantry,  the popular Roommate Roundup and free Tuesday Nite dinners during the winter season, the Christian Center of Park City (CCPC) is an extended family for needy families in Summit and Wasatch Counties and seasonal workers.

Over the last 16 years, the Center has built a multitude of programs including the largest food pantry in Summit and Wasatch Counties, a back-to-school shopping program for low-income children, two thrift stores, a boutique shop, a professional counseling center, a Heber Campus, outreach to Native American communities as well as distributing more than $15 million in food and household supplies. ”It’s a true honor to be part of an organization that helps improve the lives of people and communities by meeting their immediate and basic needs,” says Harter.


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