Best of Park City: Outdoors

Best Baller Outdoor Adventure: Elevated Adventure Company

Not content with a run-of-the-mill, #vanlife “glamping” trip? Call up Elevated Adventure Company for a personalized Utah adventure that includes customized itineraries, fully-catered meals, luxury camping accommodations and private flights from Heber Airport to the most dramatic desert landscapes in a fraction of the time it takes to drive there. Less time traveling means more time adventuring.


Best races to get fit: Mountain Trails Foundation Triple Trail Challenge

5K road races are better suited for justifying a holiday eating binge than for inspiring you to make training a regular activity. The Mountain Trails Foundation’s Triple Trail Challenge takes participants on a tour of the best trails Park City has to offer with three races—The Round Valley Rambler, the Jupiter Peak Steeplechase and the Mid-Mountain Marathon—that could inspire anyone to unleash their inner Prefontaine.

Hero: Park City Mayor and City Council

Bonanza Flats is a 1,350-acre tract of land along Guardsman Pass with access to gorgeous peaks, mountain lakes and popular trailheads. It’s under threat from the unyielding  development tide. Utah Open Lands is spearheading the effort to permanently protect Bonanza Flats, which required raising $13 million on top of the $25 million bond Park City residents approved on the ballot in 2016.

Park City Mayor and City Council—Jack Thomas, Andy Beerman, Tim Henney, Cindy Matsumoto, Nann Worel and Becca Gerber—offered a personal $25,000 challenge grant from their own pockets to match fundraising goals. Seeing public leaders act with ethical conviction? That’s something truly special.

Best Way to Golf if you’re not a Hedge-Fund Manager: Twilight Golf PC Golf Course

Golf in Park City isn’t the exclusive domain of gated communities and high rollers. The Park City Golf Course always offers reasonable pricing all the time, but the real steal comes when you play at twilight. For around ten bucks, you’re let loose for the last two hours of daylight to play as many holes as possible before you decide it’s too dark to risk screwing up your handicap.

1541 Thanes Canyon Dr., Park City,

Best Ski Pass for the travel addicted: Epic Pass

Concerns about the monopolization of the ski industry and the homogenization of mountain-town character are well founded. But if you can’t beat ‘em—join ‘em and enjoy the perks. For $600, the Epic Local Pass gives you affordable access to great skiing in Park City in addition to more resorts and locations seemingly every week. From Whistler to Stowe and countless resorts in between, the Epic Pass stretches your ski bucks around the globe.

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