Making a Splash: Best Water Attractions to Stay Cool this Summer

With schools letting out and the temperature on the rise, summer is on its way. You might be wondering how you are going to be beating the heat this year; but don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We’ve compiled list of the best water attractions in Utah, no matter if you prefer waterslides or waterfalls.

Best Waterpark

Seven Peaks
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Seven Peaks Water Park

Seven Peaks Water Park has all the slippery slides to inspire screeches from happy kids. You can take a vertical plunge from the top of a 70-foot tower, then travel more than 30 mph down a 244-foot-long headfirst slide to the bottom. Or—you can choose an inner tube, kick back and float your day away on a 5 mph current of a meandering 1,200-foot-long river.

Best Waterfall Swim

Calf Creek Falls
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Calf Creek Falls

Just down the roller coaster road from the tiny town of Boulder lies the trail to paradise. It can be a hot trek, but don’t be discouraged; Pack a book and a cool drink and spend all day at this oasis. Fed by a waterfall, the pool is always cool.


Best Hot Springs

Fifth Water Waterfalls
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Fifth Water Hot Springs

 It’s a bit of a hike–but what isn’t in Utah? And the destination is totes worth it: A series of hot springs of varying depths and degrees of heat. The springs do not smell sulfurous, and there’s a waterfall at the top.


Best Lakes/Reservoirs

Pineview Reservoir
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Pineview Reservoir

About two miles north of Huntsville, Pineview Reservoir is the summer lake of your dreams with calm and serene waters good for just about anything you want to do. There are paid and free areas, boat ramps, good fishing and good swimming and sandy beaches for doing nothing.

Best Swimming Hole

Toquerville Falls
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Toquerville Falls.

Just outside Zion National Park, at the end of a 5.8-mile scenic drive on a barren, bumpy dirt road, water tumbles over stepped red rock ledges. The series of three cascades ends in a pristine pool. This is where you want to be.

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