Biscupski Wins Uncoveted Sneaky Award Over Homeless Sites.

Just when she thought her self-created homeless shelter fiasco couldn’t get any worse, the Utah chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists gave Mayor Jackie Biscupski (and the city council) it’s Black Hole Award.

The Black Hole Award awarded to officials who show “disregard for transparency in government,” which is what a great many SLCites believe Jackie and the city council did by selecting the sites with virtually no real public input.

“This is a decision that deeply impacts the lives of Utahns on a number of fronts, yet it was made without involving the public and without allowing for public scrutiny or debate,” said SPJ President and Deseret News reporter McKenzie Romero.

In related news, a highly unscientific poll conducted by found that just under half the respondents think the process should be done all over again—but better.

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Glen Warchol
Glen Warchol
The late, great Glen Warchol passed away in 2018. His last billet was on the editorial staff here at Salt Lake magazine but his storied career included stops at The Salt Lake Tribune, The Desert News, The New Times and others. His stories haunt this website like ghosts in a machine and we're always happy to see them. RIP Papa Warchol.

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