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Discover Paradise: Why Black Desert Resort is the Season’s Must-Visit Vacation Spot

As the anticipation builds for Utah’s first PGA Tour event in over six decades, St. George, Utah, is poised to become the epicenter of a historic sports moment this fall. Beyond marking a pivotal milestone for professional sports in the state, the unveiling of Black Desert Resort promises to redefine Utah’s tourism and hospitality landscape.

The highly anticipated phased unveiling of Golf Village, slated for mid-summer 2024, heightens the excitement surrounding Black Desert Resort. Positioned adjacent to a 19-hole Lava Field Course, the meticulously designed condos and residences are primed to thrill and accommodate golf enthusiasts. With close access to a 36-hole putting course, Trackman virtual golf driving range, premium appliances, and unique communal spaces for gathering beneath the vast expanse of Greater Zion skies, Golf Village guarantees to offer a haven for relaxation, recreation and socializing amidst the breathtaking splendor of Greater Zion.

Black Desert Rock

Black Desert Resort, set to fully open its doors following the historic PGA championship event in October, promises unparalleled accommodations and amenities. “With a commitment to excellence, every aspect of the resort has been meticulously crafted to cater to the diverse needs of our guests. Luxurious accommodations, a world class spa, adventure and fine dining experiences await,” states Ashley Dove, Director of Marketing and Communications.

In the realm of dining, Black Desert Resort is poised to revolutionize culinary experiences in Utah. From the premier steakhouse Basalt to the laid-back, lively ambiance of the 20th Hole Club Lounge, the resort offers a diverse range of cuisines and beverage outlets to satisfy every palate.

Black Desert Rock

Described by Dove as the epitome of luxury with a down-to-earth approach, Black Desert Resort embraces an inclusive ethos. “Our tagline is luxury without pretense, and that inclusive approach is at the heart of everything we do,” she says. Whether seeking an annual family vacation or a championship golf experience, Black Desert aspires to be the preferred choice year after year.

Catering to every guest, Black Desert Resort presents unparalleled luxury and a plethora of adventure opportunities. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker exploring rugged terrain on an exhilarating ATV tour or a relaxation enthusiast finding solace in serene spa facilities, the resort has something for everyone. With competitive opening rates, seize the moment to book your reservation and immerse yourself in the magic of Black Desert Resort. Reservations open soon, so act fast to secure your stay before it’s too late!

1500 E. Black Desert Dr., Ivins, Utah
844-237-8824 •

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