The Boz is Back in Town

What: Boz Scaggs with Jeff LeBlanc
When: Sunday, Sept. 15, 2019
Where: Red Butte Garden Amphitheater
How: Tickets and info here

Boz Scaggs. You read that right; the very same Boz Scaggs who released the seminal funk/rock album Silk Degrees way back in ’76 is coming to Red Butte Amphitheater on Sunday, Sept. 15, 2019. Scaggs’ music picks up right where The Beatles set down, combining groovy beats, a goofy voice, and thick orchestrations to create hit after hit. The Boz will be joined by Jeff LeBlanc, an up-and-coming singer with a neo-soul sound, so make sure you’re there to catch a taste of old -guy stuff the new kid’s music alike.

I’m particularly excited to see how refined Scaggs has his act. He’s been gigging since the mid-’60s, so he has certainly had some time to practice. Scaggs’ 19th studio album, Out of the Blues, dropped last year, so I expect to hear some material from that. Though whether it’s “What Can I Say”, or any of Scaggs’ literally hundreds of other songs, we’ve all probably heard and/or jammed out to something Boz Scaggs wrote at some point. I’ll see you at Red Butte on Sunday for a walk down memory lane with The Boz.

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Alex Blackburn
Alex Blackburn
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