Braving the Mud Season in Style

The temps have started their dive downward and ski bums along the Wasatch Front are crossing fingers that Labor Day weekend marked the final heat wave. But follows is the rain, sleet and slush of the fall mud season. As for advice to curl up with a book or video—Utah doesn’t know how to live indoors. We’re an outside all-day all-season kind of state. It’s time to think like a Brit, and grab your wellies and brave the storm.

Puddle Jumper’s has some picks for whatever the season or day might bring.

The Classic Waders

If you want something simple—a quick pullover is our recommendation. Go for a solid color with a simple side buckle. Try the Aqua Classic Tall, it’s waterproof, lined and has a cushioned insole. It’s an easy slip on when you the leave house, but also a hassle-free quick change for a day at the office.

Puddle Jumping Kid at Heart

If even a rumble of thunder chills your inner child, may we recommend the one of the Nomad Limited Edition Artist boots or the Tall Stripe Navy – Han Hansen. The boots will keep your feet warm and dry while you dance among the rain drops.

Splash in Style

If the idea of mud season makes you cringe that your favorite pair of heels may get ruined, might we recommend the Tall Black Gloss Nomad boot. It comes packaged with two different colored bows for that added flair. 15” tall, soft lining and inner sole. The boot is true to size accommodating for a thick sock. With all this sass on your feet you might not even want to change back into your pumps.

The Umbrella

Kids are the ultimate puddle jumpers. They’ll make sure every inch of their body is drenched before you’ve even made it out the door yourself. But if you pair your kiddos’ cute wellies with a polka dotted umbrella they may stay drier (as if) and wish every day was a rainy day.

Andrea Peterson
Andrea Peterson
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