Braving the Utah Autumn Chill and Hitting the Outdoors in Style

Can you ever have too many flannels? Not when you live in an area surrounded by mountains and where almost the entire population spends every season outdoors. And now we all have another reason to increase our plethora of cozy button-ups., located in the heart of Park City and just footsteps from the Wasatch Mountains, has released their Basin + Range Fall 2017 line, and cooler temperatures can’t get here fast enough. Backcountry partnered with another local business, High West Distillery, to host their launch party just as the fall colors began to pop on the Park City Mountain ski slopes. There really is nothing like debuting a line of vibrant flannels, warm jackets and by-the-fire cuddly sweaters just as autumn begins to descend on Utah. may have locations across the country and outfit outdoor enthusiasts around the world, but its headquarters remain right where it began in 1996 with two guys and a stack of avalanche beacons in Park City, Utah. The company was created out of a love and ingenuity for anything and everything outdoors—camping, mountain biking, skiing, trail running, mountaineering, backpacking. And the company prides itself on the fact that the people who work for the company are the same people who wear, use and sell the product. Evan Torrence moved from South Africa to work for Backcountry. “It’s so nice to work for a company that has created their product based on what they would use or wear when they go outdoors.” And it is truly part of the company culture. Torrence says the company will often hold department events that involve hiking or skiing the Wasatch mountains that surround and inspire them on a day-to-day basis.

Backcountry’s attention to detail and the needs of an outdoor lifestyle show in their 2017 Basin + Range line. There were flannels of every color: green and yellow, red and blue, blue and even darker blue. It was like a mood ring closet. You could kick off your Monday work week with a bright mix of colors or tackle a weekend hike with deep earth-tone crisscrossing patterns. The jackets and sweaters had just the right amount of durability to trust in inclement weather, but with the warmth and comfiness that comes with an end-of-the-day hang around a bonfire.

If you’re looking to update your cooler weather wardrobe in preparation for the chilly fall and upcoming snowy winter, who better to shop from than a company who’s located right in your backyard. And as Backcountry says, “Outdoor style is always in.”

Andrea Peterson
Andrea Peterson
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