A Breath of Fresh Air for the Mind, Body and Soul at Red Mountain Resort

Like most Americans, I write my to-do lists, plan my tomorrows and set my alarm for long days full of work, meetings, emails and yes, a ton of sitting indoors typing in front of a computer. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American worker labors for 44 hours per week, or just over eight hours per day. Most of us stretch those hours to 10 or more.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

—George Bernard Shaw

But as much as I work, I love to play, get outside and recharge. Thanks to the massively beautiful and varied  landscape that is Utah, even in the dead of winter, I can find a warm-weather escape surrounded by stunning scenery and an abundance of outdoor activity.

Red Mountain Resort is located just outside of St. George among the towering red rocks. It is a mere four hour drive from Salt Lake City and is the perfect place to find a healthy work-play balance either for a full week vacation or a long four day weekend.

Red Mountain Resort’s retreats are all about finding “the right balance of relaxation and self-paced adventure,” says Tracey Welsh, General Manager. Don’t brush off the importance of their health and wellness retreats—these retreats aren’t just for yogis or spiritual hippies. “Wellness Retreats are optimized for every aspect of your well-being; uniquely designed to enhance physical, emotional and spiritual health.”


HEALTH CONCERN: According to the Mayo Clinic, between work and television, “research has linked sitting for long periods of time with a number of health concerns, including obesity and metabolic syndrome…increased blood pressure, high blood sugar and abnormal cholesterol levels.”

PACKAGE: The Rejuvenate & LiVe Well with a Wellness Vacation package includes a health evaluation with a licensed physician and nutritionist to develop an exercise plan for your personal wellness. Throughout your stay you will implement this plan, with three healthy meals each day, guided hiking, group fitness classes for all levels, a Meditation Workshop for stress management and two private sessions using your exercise prescription with our personal trainers. After you depart, The LiVe Well Center Team will follow up with three customized health coaching sessions via phone or email.


HEALTH CONCERN: A new study by Mark Tarnopolsky, a neurometabolic researcher at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada, “has revealed for the first time, how kneading eases sore muscles by turning off genes associated with inflammation and turning on genes that help muscles heal.” The findings published in Science Translational Medicine, suggest that massage lessens the inflammation that precedes exercise while encouraging faster healing.

PACKAGE: The Self Care Essential Retreat. seeks to restore and renew with a deeply immersive spa experience. This collection of five treatment therapies has been carefully planned by Sagestone Spa to nurture and nourish your body and soul. Along with the massage and revitalizing treatments, the package includes all of the components of their Essential Retreat, morning guided hikes, three nourishing meals per day, fitness and wellness activities.


HEALTH CONCERN: According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average American spends 93% of their life indoors, thus missing out on all the physical and mental effects of nature. Business Insider just published an articles showcasing the many science-based reasons you should spend more time outdoors. The health benefits can range from improving short term memory, lowering stress, eliminating fatigue, boosting immune system and a lower risk of early death. Southern Utah is a popular spot for couples to put up their feet and retire.

PACKAGE: The Weekend Warrior Retreat is designed for the active individual that wants to rev up their fitness and health routine. You’ll experience encouraging one-on-one sessions with a fitness professional that will help build a workout plan that works specifically for you, and you’ll feel the support and camaraderie that spontaneously flow during your groups’ specialty workshops such as daily guided hiking, fitness classes and yoga.

If you’re not already convinced, then let us throw one more outstanding statistic your way. According to the St. George Area Chamber of Commerce “The desert climate contributes to generally clear skies, relatively mild winters and hot summers. Residents and visitors enjoy over 300 days of sunshine per year.”

So who’s with me? “ROAD TRIP!”


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