Britain and India meet over Tea and Biscotts

For good or ill, Indian and British culture are inextricably linked. History has made it so. One of the upsides of this intersection is the shared love of each others’ cuisines, although I must point out that the bigger share of this blessing went to the British, whose conservative tastebuds were forever enlivened by the curries and spices of the subcontinent. But the love of tea bridges both cultures and the joys of ritual teatime, enhanced by chai and European sweets, were embraced by India.


The combination heritage was the inspiration for Lavanya Mahate’s (Saffron Valley, East India Cafe) latest restaurant, Biscotts, a place to enjoy chai and pastry. And breakfast (cardamom chai and pistachio muffins, eggs and beans, English-style, porridge and pastries, etc.); soup and sandwich lunches; housemade hand savories and an evolving menu of cakes and sweets. 

Take a break with  chai cake with spiced cream frosting, mango chiffon cake with buttercream or chocolate cake, iced in chocolate and topped with profiteroles. 1098 W. South Jordan Pkwy., South Jordan, 801-890-0659

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