Why Buying Local Veggies from a CSA is the right choice.

Why is purchasing local produce, honey and flowers this year the right one? Eating fresh, high-quality, sustainable and organic food should always be important to us, and for those who grow locally, buying your produce from a CSA (community supported agriculture) business this year checks all the boxes.

2020 GOALS:


SLC Top Crops, Amanda & Elliott are tops at growing veggies.

—100 percent worth it.

“With Utah summers, temps can be over 100, even covered up and wearing a hat, it’s hot, shoulders, back, knees get sore, and your hands and fingers look like crap.”

New Roots and Sunnyvale programs offers free $10 to those with EBT, SNAP, SSI and WIC benefits to spend on fresh produce. (this is awesome.) IRC Photo by Jeri Gravlin

My passion for the urban AG community has never been in question, but I must confess, just a few years back I too worked and was highly invested in creating a local CSA. And it was tough. We literally hustled and scraped-by working side jobs to keep it going, saving up for new equipment and leasing land from those who would let us. And even still, we loved it. In an article for Devour Utah in 2017, I shared, “Through our CSA efforts, we hope to share that accessibility of fresh produce with our community, and our CSA family, garden tours and volunteer days all help keep us going.”

I am sharing this message because the individuals who are growing, the Urban Ag community in Utah is one worth supporting, and many of them are struggling. The struggle has always been very real, but with the growing financial worries coming from COVID-19, many are holding back. My response is, don’t. The price/value/quality of any LOCAL CSA, in comparison to what you would spend at a grocery store is unmatched. Do the math. Not only will you save money on produce, but you’ll also eat better and feel better.

There are many local CSA’s and local growers who (like restaurants) are getting super creative to distribute their produce. Jack Wilbur from 3 Squares Produce shares on the CSA Utah site the most inclusive directory: csautah.org/find-a-csa.

About our local Farmers Markets, we suggest you connect and keep tabs on how those vendors will be offering produce this season as well: Pick-Your-Own Farmer’s Market, We’ve got options. Instagram is another fun way to keep tabs on many local growers. I really love @slctopcrops!!

You say you want a revolution? Well, yeah, we all wanna change the world. When there is a cause, say to revolt against the BIG things, local CSA’s give us a way to stand up for something great—kapow!

Support and eat local, enjoy life and be well SLC!!


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