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At Lucienne Salon Spa Boutique, they like to keep it in the family. Candice Itokazu is the general manager of both locations Lucienne, named after her grandmother, was started by her mother and father Sheila and John in 2016. Initially, Lucienne was a full-service hair salon that developed a loyal following. “I had been a styling hair for 17 years,” Candice says. “When the family started Lucienne we set out to be a salon, first and foremost, and build a community for our clients.” In the time since the family started exploring other services and responding to client’s requests for additional offerings.

Now a full-service salon, spa, med, spa and boutique, Lucienne offers body contouring, laser hair removal, chemical peels, massage and injectables. But like the recommendations they give their clients, they moved slowly and carefully in expanding into med-spa offerings. “We didn’t wake up one day and say, ‘we’re a medspa’” Candice says laughing. “My mother really honed in on not only the services we wanted to add but the professionals who would provide those services.” For example, in a world of immediate gratification, Candice says sometimes the Lucienne approach isn’t for everyone. “When we advise our clients on any of these procedures we recommend a gradual, patient approach,” she says. “Our clients don’t want to look done or plastic and we won’t put our name on any service that goes against that. For some they want immediate gratification, to say, go blonde immediately. I’ll say, ‘well you can do that if you want to damage your hair but that’s not what we do here.’

It’s about integrity building trust and relationships for us. ”Candice and the team at Lucienne know that their clients aren’t there for “just a cut and color.” And during the tumultuous times we live in, she’s realized that the services they provide are essential. “We literally lay our hands on people and we know how important that basic human touch is to our clients,” she says. “It’s a basic human need. I can have someone come in who is having a terrible day, sit in my chair and leave with a smile on their face. There is a lot of satisfaction and gratification in that process.”

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