Caputo’s Annual Chocolate Festival 2016

Diverse flavors await chocolate lovers at the 5th Annual Chocolate Festival on November 17 at 7 p.m. This year’s event features Amano Chocolate, named the “most award-winning chocolate in America” and is locally based in Orem. Local chefs and beverage experts will come together at Tony Caputo’s Market and Deli to craft cacao-inspired treats, dishes and drinks. The spotlight on Amano Chocolate is especially special this year, as the company just won Gold and Silver for two of their bars at the International Chocolate Awards just last week. The night promises some of the best chocolate in the world and is an event true connoisseurs cannot miss.

“Amano was part of the first wave of craft chocolate makers in the US. When they got started there were only about 14 other chocolate makers, including giants like Hershey’s. Now there are hundreds,” says Caputo’s CEO Matt Caputo. “Amano’s chocolate making style is one of a kind. On the scale from loud, brash American to sophisticated European, Amano achieves what makes each style great, without sacrifice.”

Amano is known for their bold and unique flavored bars, which will be used during the festival to craft delicacies that are boozy, savory and sweet. Founder of Amano Chocolate and chocolate maker Art Pollard says the company “is dedicated to creating some of the world’s most exquisite chocolate through traditional techniques.” By picking some of the best and most distinct types of heirloom cacao directly from producers, the chocolate company has created a range of unique and rich flavors, beloved by critics and customers alike.

The 5th Annual Caputo’s Chocolate Festival featuring Amano Chocolate will be held on Thursday, November 17 at 7 p.m. Held at the downtown location of Tony Caputo’s Market and Deli at 314 West 300 South, Salt Lake City, the festival is $35 for admission, plus $15 for optional beverage pairings.

For more information on the festival and to buy tickets, click here.

—Brieanna Olds

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