Celebrate National Puppy Day the Right Way

Whatever you were planning on doing today, throw it aside. Cancel all your plans because–we don’t meant to startle you–it’s NATIONAL PUPPY DAY! To celebrate, Uber will be teaming up with Nuzzles & Co  to bring you (duh) puppies.

National Puppy Day exists to promote pet adoption and puppies in general. (As if they need any more promotion, but we’re not complaining.)

To participate, open the Uber app on Thursday, March 23rd between 11AM-3PM in Salt Lake City or Park City. Scroll to the bottom and hit the PUPPIES card to request a visit. Then pay $30 and wait to be delivered 15 minutes of puppy paradise. Every successful requester will get to snuggle with 2 puppies. Get there early–the puppies will be in high demand so it’s not a guarantee.

Plus, if it’s after 1:30pm and if you’re lucky, you might even get to meet Trey Lyles of Utah Jazz fame who will be delivering puppies for the event.

So if you have $30 laying around and/or if you want to experience puppy euphoria with a possible guest star Trey Lyles appearance, hit up the Uber app tomorrow. Or you could just go all-in and adopt one yourself. That is–a puppy, not Trey.

–Amy Whiting

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