A private party last Sunday marked a big change for Salt Lake food lovers: SuAn Chow, owner of Chow Food Truck, celebrated the sale of her business to J.Looney with champagne and hors d’oeuvres.

Chow, of course, was the first food truck in Salt Lake City—SuAn was the pioneer who blazed the trail and ran the red tape for all the trucks that have followed. “When I started,” she said to her friends and co-workers sipping wine with her on Sunday, “City Hall did not know what to do with me.” In 2013, she won the Golden Spoon award for hospitality from this magazine for her perseverance and excellence.


Looney, a private chef and caterer, has worked on the Chow Truck so he understands exactly how to maintain the standards of food and service set by SuAn, “the boss lady,” and he says, “We have no plans to change anything.” So you can still count on your elk slider, calamari and spiced root chips—find out where the truck is by going to chowtruck.com and friend Soho Food Park on Facebook to find a bunch of trucks together.


And David Harries let us know that one of our standbys will soon be gone: He has sold Vinto to his partners in the Park City location and will close the Vinto here, planning to reopen as “something else sometime soon,” according to our favorite server. We’ll miss it. Even after pastry chef Amber Angellili left, her butterscotch budini and gelatos remained some of the best desserts in town. And Vinto’s pizzas and pasta along with the wine specials provided us with much midweek sustenance.

Can’t wait to see what happens next.