Chatter in the Hive: VOX

written by: Amy Whiting

We asked three Salt Lakers, “What’s an unforgettable thing you did as a kid?”

“The boys were always playing cowboys and didn’t want us to play. So my sister and I took Monopoly money and created the Last National Bank. The cowboys would cash their paychecks before they could buy lemonade at our saloon next door. I turned out to be a banker [at Zions], so that was my start.”

—Pat Richards, Utah Symphony CEO

“We turned one of the campers in the communal storage area into our ‘clubhouse’. We couldn’t figure out why the owner was so upset when he finally discovered us.”

—Tiffany Midgley, Principal at Windridge Elementary

“I spent three summers in high school lifeguarding at Raging Waters—where I got a head start on my melanoma, met Bill Murray and was nearly drowned by a woman who jumped into the deep pool trying to save her kid and then remembered she couldn’t swim. I got mother and child to safety and Bill Murray is exactly how you’d expect him to be.”

—Robert Gehrke, Columnist at The Salt Lake Tribune

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