Cheese Lovers and Chocolate Lovers Unite

Aspiring cheesemongers and chocolate lovers will unite this weekend at the Natural History Museum of Utah for the museum’s annual Chocolate and Cheese Festival. For cheeseheads, the festival will offer classes and exhibits on the finer points of cheesemaking. Selecting the type of milk, adding in strains of bacteria, and separating curds from whey, will delight any aspiring cheesemaker. Or just lover of cheese.

For chocoholics, the festival will explore the astounding and complex world of chocolate. Utah chocolate makers have been building worldwide connections with cacao-growing regions and are at the forefront of the bean-to-bar movement.

And you can enjoy both, this weekend on March 30 and 31, 2019. Classes and exhibitions are offered both days, for kids and adults, with tastings and demonstrations from local cheese and chocolate artisans. Plus vendors selling tasty treats.

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