Ciclo Vital questions social structures at Mestizo

Beginning this week, Mestizo Institute of Culture and Arts presents Ciclo Vital, a body of work created by artist Jazmine Martinez. Commenting on society and culture, the pieces promote discussion and critical analysis from viewers on our current social, political and cultural climate. The exhibition, which runs November 14, 2016 to January 14, 2017, will have its opening reception on Friday, November 18 from 6-9 p.m. at the Mestizo Gallery.

Ciclo Vital is a reaction to the human condition and circumstances of life. Influenced by her Chicana culture being constantly challenged within society, Martinez uses her identity as a woman of color to create art that helps her navigate through life. Much of her work also comments on the human body.


Born in Southern California, Martinez has been influenced by her immigrant parents and the challenges they have faced when her mother moved from her war-torn country and her father’s ongoing pursuit of the American Dream. Traditions from Mexico, El Salvador and the United States were celebrated in her home growing up. Currently, Martinez is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Painting and Drawing from the University of Utah.

Mestizo Institute of Culture and Arts is a local non-profit, focused on giving a voice and providing a space for artists to discuss social change through art, discussion and activism.

For more information on the event or Mestizo Institute of Culture and Arts, click here.

-Brieanna Olds

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