City Creek Mortgage: Faces and Places

Tobi Roberts and her husband Mike (who you might recognize as “Mortgage Mike” from their billboards) started City Creek Mortgage together in their 20’s. They had previously owned a construction company and saw first-hand the difficulty people were having trying to get home loans and “we knew we could do it better,” Tobi says. Her goal was to save people money while delivering a 5-star client experience. Twenty-three years later, Tobi, CEO and Co-founder of City Creek Mortgage has created a set of core values and hires employees who passionately believe in them. Straying from traditional “high-commission” loan officers, City Creek Mortgage has instead chosen to employ salary-based loan officers. She says, “We don’t have loan officers who are working for a high commission and competing with each other. We all work together to save our clients money and represent their interests.”

“But savings isn’t enough,” says Tobi. “You have to provide a 5-star experience for the client as well. You are dealing with people’s money and their emotions.” A quick look at the more than 1000 5-Star Google Reviews City Creek Mortgage has earned reveals the company’s commitment to top-notch service. When you step into Tobi’s office it is apparent from the many books that line the shelves that she believes in being “shelf-educated” to ensure constant learning, and she adds, “to become better for your clients.” Now with more than 20 years of experience, Roberts has not only laid out, but lives out City Creek Mortgage’s core values:

  • Always Do the Right Thing
  • Take Personal Responsibility
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Take Care of Each Other
  • Create Raving Fans

Tobi is most proud of City Creek Mortgage’s transparency in their rates and fees. “We place them on billboards and on the front page of our web site,” she says. “You can see clearly how much you will save without ever providing your personal information. That’s unique to the mortgage industry.”

11910 S. State St #100, Draper

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