Common but Deadly, "How Bad Can Good Be?" Premier

Sunday, June 25th, marks the world premier of the YouTube short film, “How Bad Can Good Be?” written and performed by J.A. Carter-Winward. It features the work of Kurt Cochran with his wife Melissa as the honorary guest, both victims of a recent London terrorist attack. “It’s fitting,” says Carter-Winward, “That his last project was one so close to his heart, done out of love for me, after he saw what the medication did to me.”

The film raises awareness about the little known side effect of psychotropic medications called akathisia. The disorder includes restlessness and fidgeting movements. It’s supposedly experienced by thousands of people, but remains un- and misdiagnosed.

A rather dark description of the event says akathisia, also dubbed “inner akathisia,” has cost thousands their lives because it causes such unbearable pain. Pain that makes people want to die rather than fight to live. A melodramatic description designed for attention, akathisia is a common side effect that has many different diagnoses. Only one, chronic akathisia, typically leads to suicide.

A lot of the time, common akathisia can be cured by not taking the psychotropic medicine that causes it, which probably wouldn’t help because the DSM (Appendix B, pages 800-802) lists it as a neuroleptic disorder. If this deadly but also very common disorder is left untreated, akathisia can create permanent neurological damage and lead to suicide. Even though those that suffer from the chronic form of akathisia are rare.

The film will be screened to a select audience at the Ogden Courtyard Marriott Hotel at 247 24th St. in Ogden. It will be followed by a short program that features keynote speaker Devon Harris, a founding member of the Jamaican Olympic bobsled team. The event is free, but tickets are being issued due to limited space.

For more information, visit the event page website, or check out the Facebook event.

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