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Park City Grüv Festival

Here’s a bit of breaking news for you: the best skiing of the year is happening right now. While some unwise and otherwise impatient folks are starting to prematurely transition to flip...

New Union Keeps Park City Lifts Turning

The loud buzzing horn usually perks up the confused, anxious crowd. It means the lift is about to start turning again, but sometimes not without a little nudge. “If the lift stops...

Upstream Fare: The New Fish Market Park City

John Courtney has lived many lives when it comes to cuisine. He’s a revered chef, having overseen numerous cuisine concepts simultaneously at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas and worked alongside legendary...

Wasatch in the Winter: Park City Basecamp

The Wasatch Mountains are the heart and soul and backbone of Salt Lake City. This rugged range forms the backdrop for our cities. We look up every day and watch with anticipation...

Issues with Workforce Housing in Park City

Developing workforce housing in Park City is a Sisyphean task. Fundamentally, it’s an inventory problem we can’t come close to correcting, especially with citizens fighting development at every turn.

Park City Looks Ahead to Bounce-Back For The 2022 Ski Season

Park City Mountain Resort looks ahead to the 2022/2023 ski season where everyone— locals and visitors alike—are hoping for a bounce back.

So Much to Say, So Little Space: Bumper Stickers

The drivers of Utah would like you to know where they stand. The uncommonly high prevalence of bumper stickers is certainly evidence of that.

Park City Takes Back the World Record for Longest Shot Ski

On October 15th, Park City hosted their sixth annual Shot Ski event to reclaim the world record from Breckenridge.

Former Park City Mayor Andy Beerman Looks Back

Andy Beerman's ambitious vision for Park City may have hurt his reelection chances in 2021, but he hasn't given up on the city he calls home.

Eyes to the Sky for Autumn Aloft

The Autumn Aloft festival returns to Park City on Sept. 17 and 18. Come see a flotilla of balloons take to the skies.

Hill’s Kitchen: Delicious Practicality

Few things in Park City excite like practicality. By that I mean an actual, useful things—in this instance a restaurant or sorts—that can be enjoyed by regular people without requiring a sudden...

Planning Deliberations Are Shaping Park City

Who's got a plan? As Park City Planning considers new mixed use developments, public attention is in the wrong place.

Park City Trails Are in Good Hands

With 400 miles of trails and an emphasis on thoughtful management, there's no need to panic about the state of Park City trails.

Silver King Coffee: King of the Cup

Of course, I wanted the chocolate covered beans on top. Frankly, I was baffled by the question because the thought of someone willfully eschewing such a delicacy, one perched with attentive care...

Experience History in Park City This Summer

Park City is oft defined by its relentless pace of change. Growth and development are turning what was once considered a low-key mountain town into world-famous destination with all the trappings that...

The Best Burgers in Park City

We go hunting for the best burgers in Park City so you don't have to. From traditional to meatless, check out these six favorites.
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