File it under inoffensive pop star hits Red Butte.

Jason Mraz, who you may know just as well for his dopey grin and fedora as for his music, is coming to town. Ladies who wine and cheese, rejoice.

A recent butt of a John Oliver joke, Mraz rose to fame in the coffee houses of San Diego and hit it big in the mid-2000s with songs like “Remedy (I Won’t Worry),” “Lucky” and “I’m Yours.” That’s right, optimism is Mraz’s modus operendi. But here’s the surprise for those of us who prefer a little pain in our music: Optimism sells.

Mraz’s show was one of the first to sell-out at Red Butte. He’s got multi-platinum records. He’s won a couple Grammy Awards.

That’s not all, Mraz is a raw food vegan. He owns a vegan restaurant and a avocado farm. He spent a week exploring Antarctica with Al Gore. He has his own charitable foundation. His Wikipedia page says his hobbies include surfing, yoga and photography. Oh boy.

I’m sure he’s a nice guy. I’m even more sure that he’ll fit right in at Red Butte.

Jason Mraz plays Red Butte on Tuesday night. Tickets are sold out, but you know the drill.