John Moreland used to want to make you cry. And, boy, could he do it.

Moreland was known for heart-wrenching lyrics to songs whose titles alone would make a your breath catch–“Break My Heart Sweetly,” and “I Need You to Tell Me Who I am,” among them. It worked—Moreland has said that fans often cried at his shows.

Moreland knew he was the saddest man in country music—even poking that dog with a stick in his song “You Don’t Care for Me Enough to Cry,” with the line “I’m so damn good at sorrow” tucked into an end of a song that already has a refrain of “I’m the kind of love it hurts to look at.”

See? John Moreland is sad.

Except, PLOT TWIST: He’s not sad anymore. Things have come together for Moreland—he’s married (happily), has opened for the likes of Jason Isbell and he’s become the favorite songwriter of bona fide country music superstar Miranda Lambert who loves to tweet about him which has, in turn, pointed a lot of new attention his way—including a brand new high-powered label.

As he tours in support of his new album Big Bad Luv, fans might find a new John Moreland—he’s going to still sing songs that might make you want to cry but suddenly, and for the first time, it seems like Moreland’s own story might end happily.

Moreland plays The State Room Sunday, August 6. Tickets still available here.