Concert Preview: TAUK at The State Room

TAUK is one of those bands that is difficult to categorize into just one genre.

The four-person group blends rock and funk with new-age electronic sound to produce their unique music style. TAUK is purely instrumental—meaning their songs have no lyrics, but the band members sure know how to jam out, creatively crafting their music in a way that keeps the audience’s attention, even without vocals.

Often compared to jam bands like Phish and Lotus, TAUK’s music is melodic and easy to listen to. But their songs go beyond simple rock-and-roll, often bringing in jazz, funk and indie influences. They are not afraid to play with new sounds, whether it’s combining electro-pop synth and deep bass or creative percussion and classic guitar.

Their act comes from humble beginnings. In seventh grade, Matt Jalbert, Charlie Dolan and Alric “A.C.” Carter formed the band that would eventually grow into TAUK. They have come a long way since childhood and strengthened their musical chemistry in the process. “Growing up together as musicians and collectively going on this journey—that’s what makes this experience really special,” said Jalbert, the band’s guitarist.

Their newest album, Nebula, is cosmic and hypnotic. “The album ended up taking on a more ambient kind of vibe than anything we’ve done before—there’s a spaciness in the songs that lets you get lost in the sound,” said bassist Charlie Dolan.

To get your fill of their funky jams, check out TAUK in Salt Lake City at The State Room on Friday, March 24; or in Park City at O.P. Rockwell on Saturday, March 25. Yak Attack opens. Tickets available here (for Salt Lake City) and here (for Park City.)

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