courtship. paused in the middle of their set to take in the scene before them. “This is f-king crazy. In 2016, we were making our first album, and now we’re here in front of you guys.” The moment was sweet and sincere – and the duo was right; to be touring across the nation with Passion Pit two years into the game is a damned impressive feat.

As expected, Micah Gordon and Eli Hirsch gave audiences a promising preview of their forthcoming debut LP with “Tell Me Tell Me” and earlier hits like “Stop for Nothing.” Despite courtship.’s (sidenote: it feels aesthetically trippy to apostrophize their band name) clear similarities to the headliner – namely, in their upbeat, singalong choruses – their live show demonstrates that their music is less emotionally-charged; something you could more readily mellow out to. Their performance of “Sunroof” captures the overall vibe of their surfy set.

Passion Pit presented a stark, affective shift. There was a clear angst in Michael Angelakos’ face as he belted out every ironically infectious song in his perfect falsetto; songs about falling out of love, losing your mind, losing your purpose. Surprisingly, the top-40 hits were gotten out of the way from the start, a la “Sleepyhead” and “The Reeling.” “Take A Walk,” perhaps their most heart-tugging track in which Angelakos’ protagonist treks through a failed relationship, bankruptcy, and disillusionment with growing self-loathing, made its appearance at the very end.

Before launching into the song, the frontman thanked the shrill, all-ages crowd for singing along to the band’s every lyric: “This is amazing. That’s the point of Passion Pit, too, is to stack the vocals to make it sound like people were singing along like, in your bedroom…but it actually happened. So, thanks.”

The night was altogether themed with heartfelt professions of gratitude from both acts, and aptly represented the fun yet oftentimes heartbreaking nuances of indie rock. For more photos of the show, go here.


Charissa Che
Charissa Che
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