Concert Review: Jamestown Revival at The State Room

For those sitting in The State Room’s converted church pews on Saturday night, Jamestown Revival was there to lead the worship with just enough twang to keep things interesting.

The folk-rock band recorded their first album in a cabin outside of Heber City and dubbed the record Utah, so their love for the Beehive State came through at the show.

“I think our first show in Utah was for like eight people because there was a snowstorm,” Zach, one half of the vocal duo, said. “Utah is like our second home. Thanks for being so welcoming. Seriously.”

The cozy atmosphere of the venue was perfect for a band who thrives on pure harmonies and catchy rhythms.

Jamestown Revival extended the instrumental introductions of many of their songs at the show, a treat fans didn’t get on their two albums.

Frontman Jonathan introduced his band as his best friends. It’s a relationship that shows in their music.

The band rocks an organ, steel guitar (which is the way to my heart), drums and several acoustic and electric guitars. They dress like cowboy hipsters, with pearl snap shirts and hats, but it works. They really get into their music, and on the night they expressed appreciation over and over again for the crowd’s excitement.

The duo came together around the microphone to sing an acoustic version of “Sweet Baby James.”

After an energetic set that included fan favorites like “Cast Iron Soul,” “Wandering Man,” “Fur Coat Blues” and “Love is a Burden,” the boys returned to the stage for an encore that turned into at least four or five more songs. They even played a stripped down version of “Heavy Heart,” a track that hasn’t seen the tour thus far.

The band’s final question of “How ‘bout one more song?” was met by a resounding “Four more songs!” from some random guy. Hear, hear.

Jamestown Revival’s show captured a pure combination of soulful music and lyrics that aim to lift you up and make you forget about your problems for a little while. And if the crowd dancing their way out of the State Room at the show’s end was any indication, it worked.

-Theresa Davis

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